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Rollz Motion Review and Unboxing

Large box with Rollz Motion Rollator and Wheelchair written on it
Rollz Motion Box

Ohhhh whats in the box! I was having problems with my current generic walker (and walking) and my research led to the Rollz Motion 2 in 1 Walker and Wheelchair. Need both a walker and a wheelchair? Rollz makes it super easy, barely and inconvenience (who gets that quote?)This walker not only looked sleek (the Rollz-Royce of the walker wolrd), but with one quick movement you could lift up the back section and turn it into a proper transit wheelchair with a soft back rest and seat. I had seen a few walkers with added on footrests to make them transit chairs but they looked old and medical. Plus many of those walkers just add footrests and don't consider the comfort and safety of sitting on a transit wheelchair. When I saw how sleek and subtle the design was I was pretty sold! I am only in my 30's so wanted something that didn't draw negative attention.

Check out this video on all the functions!


So I sent some (read many!) emails to the lovely Anna from Locomo the Aussie distributor of the walker. She was helping me organise with a local Occupational Therapist who had the walker available to try it out. Strangely while I was on a facebook group I came across that exact OT and she is had Ehlers-Danlos! I had a great time chatting with her and she gave me some great info about local doctors and therapists who could be of great help. As I mentioned in my previous blog post I am trying to create a new team with my interstate move. So after having a quick play and ensuring unlike my old walker it was tall enough for slightly tall me (171cm since shrinking) I bit the bullet and ordered one.

Multiple Parts of a walker on the floor
Rollz Motion Unboxed

It came a few days ago and the lovely delivery driver took it up stairs for me! I quickly (and gently) slid out all the parts. It was very simple to put it together from the box as its already fairly assembled. Within about 5-10mins I had it up and walking around. I found changing it from the walker to the wheelchair very simple. I didn't get it the first time, but on a quick look I could see the section it could hook to and done!

I really liked the height of the handles, while I know you should have them lower I like them taller as I put a lot of weight into my arms. The standard Rollz height recommendations go from 1.6m to a massive 1.9m (most walking aids don't consider taller users). They also have a small version that works from 1.5-1.85m.

I had been thinking seeing I am usually solo would I really use the wheelchair part as you need someone to push. I have seen one American company do a walker and manual wheelchair combo. It looks interesting, but the giant wheels needed to self-propel looked like it would be very bulky to push around and harder to chuck in the back seat (the Rollz folds in half like most standard walkers for the car).

Side by side images of the Roll Motion in Walker and Wheelchair Mode
Roll Motion 2-in-1 walker and chair combo

When I tried it I found the seat was a great height for me to scoot around in the kitchen and be able to cook! Also during Covid many places to sit have been closed off. So having this option right beside me when I have a flare will be very helpful. I can also see it helping in long lines, if I am slowly going up and down aisles I can propel with my foot. I find my POTS makes standing for long periods hard and the fatigue, pressure on my joints. While I have a self-propelled wheelchair coming I needed something I could use to keep my moving, but without the ongoing concern of "what if I get tired". I frequently have avoided going out due to that worry. The wheelchair will be great for moderate-long needs, this will be good for short-moderate for me. Allowing me more confidence to go out and not reliant on using the wheelchair the entire time.

Two walkers side by side
Walker Comparison

Compared to my other walker (on the left) its about the same foot print in width and length. I also found it very gentle and easy to move and I loved the rotation when turning as the centre of gravity if very close to the body leading to tight turns. I found my other walkers have a lot wider turns. You can see the handles in the Rollz (right) I have them only half their full height and its already taller than my previous walker at full height.


It isn't a cheap walking aid (but worth it), but due to funding I have to help me the cost wasn't an issue. All up it is $1490AUD and at the time of writing (July 2020) they are running a promotion using TRIPPINGONAIR so check out if your distributor will accept and how much that will help with. In Australia with Locomo that gives $50 off.

There are 4 colours to choose from Matte Black, Island Blue, Pebble White and Dark Purple. The original Rollz Motion had some other colours you might see in videos/pictures if you go searching.

They also have the Rollz Flex which is a fully certified walker made with a great shopping bag on the front for those who want the support without the traditional walker design. At 7.4kg they call it the incognito walker! There is also the Rollz Motion Performance that is the same as the one I have, but has pneumatic tires making it good for rougher terrain. Finally the Rollz Motion Rhythm, design especially for Parkinson's that helps with a disturbed walking gait with three rhythmic cues.

I adore the amazing accessories I will be getting the cup holder, back support, and with all this rain an umbrella would be great! The 3-in-1 attachment also moves the back higher onto the chair if you don't like it down low and adds a clip for a bag and cane. Finally I'll get the tray as I often need help with walking my food around. Totally pimp it out! The accessories are nicely priced.

My only little wish was that I hope in the future they create the footrests so they can be pushed to the side/under the chair. As somedays I would have problems bending down to slide them on. and off. I have seen other similar chairs do that and the I think it would be a great add on. Thankfully because the footrests are removable if they come out with such a thing you would just buy that and not need and entire new walker. It is a bit heavier 11.6kg, but thats the compromise you make when wanting a good solid chair.

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