4 triangle necklaces beside 2 black triangle cases with AWARE on them
AWARE Cause Necklaces

Anyone who knows me knows I love pushing awareness for my conditions. I came across these necklaces on Instagram from Aware Causes and knew I just had to start my collection. I started with the Black and White for Ehlers-Danlos. Then I got Purple for Chiari, Dark Blue for Syringomyelia and Teal for POTS/Dysautonomia. I still want White for Invisible Illness, Black for sleep disorders, Green for scoliosis/brain injury and finally grey for Asthma (so many disorders and still more colours not listed).


AWARE Causes

A.W.A.R.E stands for A Way to Act and Remember Everyday! They also have pins, phone rings, t-shirts, earrings and masks. What is also great about is they have a list of associated conditions for each colour. When you select the disorder 10% of the proceeds from the sale goes directly to an associated charity.

With Chiari awareness day coming up I'll be getting an item or two as prizes to giveaway at Chiari & Syringomyelia Australia

I love these because they are subtle and stylish. The quality is lovely, I sometimes have reactions to cheaper jewellery and haven't had any problems with either the silver or gold chains I got. Shipping is quick and they come on cool coloured and shiny envelopes with the cute triangle boxes. The owner is very nice to talk and helpful. You can even have the back of the necklaces engraved with something special. I haven't tried that yet though seeing the zebra they put on one recently I kinda wish I had.

Two triangle necklaces saying AWARE sitting over a scar at the back of the neck
AWARECause Necklaces

Because I loved these necklaces so much I signed up to become an Ambassador. That means if you use the code KIRSTIN at check out you receive 20% off.

AWARE Cases:

Check out other review on my new walker/rollator the Rollz 2-in1 review here! I'll be reviewing my new wheelchair and light drive next week!

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